Welcome to Tirn en Taur
Kinship Rules:

Read these rules.  REALLY read them.  With the number of applicants we have at any given time anyone we find that did not take the time to read these rules will be denied entry without any further word.  If you have a question about the rules, ask any officer.  We will be happy to help.

Being Recruited:
If you are under level 20 your recruitment into the kinship will be delayed until you hit level 20.  This is not due to any requirement to level, it is due to 75% of all recruits that quit the game do so before level 20.  If you have an alt on Landroval that is over level 20 we will waive this requirement.

Applicants must be an adult, that means 18+ only.  This is also the result of finding minors never stick with the kinship.  We have no idea why but figure that fact our core members are all in the late 20's all the way to 40+ could be why.

As an applicant, we will add you to our friends list to ease our effort to locate you.  If you do not log in to LOTRO on the applying character for 30 days, your application will be canceled.

As a kinship we use the common canon published by J.R.R. Tolkien and the non-cannonical material by Christopher Tolkien.  Where the works published by Chris contradict the canon, the canon takes precedent.  In our RP and character development we stay within the lore as much as the game allows.  We apply the lore conservatively, this means if you cannot find evidence in the lore then do not make it part of your character.

The final word on lore will come from the Lore Officer and will follow his/her interpretation. If you have a question please refer them to the Lore Officer.  If you have issues with other members in the kinship please bring the concerns to the Captain, Lieutenants or Lore Officer.  In regards to correcting lore breaking activities, we do this within the kin in a respectful manner, we do not EVER do so with those outside the kin.  How they RP is not our business and if we don't like it, we ignore them. As a final note, before you criticize, check yourself,  we all have a flaw in your RP when it comes to the lore.

Prior to submitting your application you should read our articles in http://tirnentaur.guildportal.com/ContentControls/Support/InfoSectionViewer.aspx?GuildInfoSectionID=289915&Group=178330
 as they are the baseline we use for our characters.

Character Story:
As part of your pledge process your character's bio has to be vetted by the officers. If we find issues we will suggest the changes to fit with the kinship's interpretation of the lore.  Whether or not you take the suggestions is up to you but will impact the final decision to recruit you.  We don't need fancy, just a place where you're from and maybe a little about your background. We are not heroes of the Ring War so don't play yourself up as the forgotten member of the Fellowship. Important note - We will only accept Avari, Silvan and Sindar born after the rising of the sun and moon, and Noldor born during or after the 2nd Age of the Sun.  No children of the named characters in the canon. Having an approved story is a requirement to move beyond being a recruit.

Staying in-character:
To start with, understand that this is an RP kinship. For our kinship this means we use /say to communicate in-game information when together, as much as possible.  We only RP in /fellowship if the entire group is involved and we never RP in any other channel.  Also read : http://tirnentaur.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=178330&TabID=1508764&ForumID=840220&TopicID=8589090&Page=1#42387147 as a guide to RP.

Voice Chat:

We use it for instances and raids.  We do not RP in voice chat.

Full members can have up to four toons in the kinship.  However the story behind each must be vetted just as a new pledge, before being accepted.  Recruits can not have alts in the kin, though they can change the character they wish to have in the kin.

The ALT Channel:
The ALT channel is a custom channel created by the TeT to allow all Full Members to communicate with TeT kinmates while playing ALTs.  All of your toons should join this channel.  Recruits do not have this channel but will be given the channel info when made a full member.

Who - Oath Sworn
What/How - A plain hauberk and optional shoulders dyed evendim blue .
When - Oath Taking Ceremonies, representing the company, recruitment, when two or more TeT are together to battle against the forces of the enemy, or any time a Command Officer instructs. 
Officer's unique -   Officers will dye their shoulders Navy as a symbol of their status in the company, Lieutenants will dye their shoulders orange, the Herald wear white and the Captain wears gold or black.


Kinship Chests:
The chests in the kinship house are open to all members. Inside these chests are items of use to anyone, including some crafting recipes, reputation items and clothing. The clothing is so people do not have to buy anything from a vendor just to change appearances.  If you purchased something from a clothing vendor please place it here for other's to use as well.

Do not put junk in these chests.  Anything that is vendor trash simply sell.

Assisting other members:
It is expected that the kinship members assist one another as much as they are able.  Members are not to expect other members to "power level" them or provide all their needs (and greeds). If a member agrees to spend time helping you advance in levels it is a gift from that member and not to be abused.  It is expected of all members to return the kindness bestowed on them within the kinship to other members.  Be mindful of one another.

Crafting and Resources:
- Requests for Tier 5 and 6 crafted items are to be made in the Crafting Marketplace. 

- Members are expected to make a contribution towards higher end items which they require from other crafters. Ie - if you require tier 5 or 6 food, please send the cook fine clover honey, or coins to cover the cost of buying ingredients. If you require an item which needs a mithril flake, send the flake. If you require potions, send scholar items. Etc etc.

- Members are expected to make resources available to kinmates via the Auction House.  The MAX price an any auction to the kin should be 50% of the going rate or 100% the vendor rate, whichever is higher.  Obviously cheaper or free is also much appreciated.

- Kin members who disregard the above expectations may not make requests or receive crafted items until the situation is rectified.

Advancement in the kinship will be based on many things such as loyalty, courage, participation, adherence to the rules, and most of all your commitment and willingness to hold the position.  All ranks are considered of equal importance. The only difference there will be in ranks is job requirements unless directed otherwise.

Participation Requirements:
We know real life impedes our play time but all kinships need some expectations of their members to remain viable.  These rules are straightforward and allow for people to take long breaks without risk of being dropped.

It is asked that members make their best effort to attend meetings and events held by the kinship to encourage those freely offering their time to lead them, but attendance is not mandatory. It is expected that all members visit the kinship website regularly to keep informed of news and events.

1) If you do not login to the game for 50 days and fail to post your absence on the forum,  you will be removed from the in-game roster and Guild Portal Roster and your application canceled.

1) If you do not login to the game for 100 days and fail to post your absence on the forum,  you will be removed from the in-game roster.  You will be re-invited upon login and request.
2) If you do not login to the forums for 365 days you will be removed from the kinship and Guild Portal Roster.
3) If you are removed from the roster and join another guild you will be removed from the Guild Portal Roster.

See officer rules for requirements.